Summer survival guide for weight loss

Summer survival guide for weight loss

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Summertime poolside BBQs are one of my favorite memories in San Diego as family vacations. Enjoying this time should not lead you to abandon your healthy eating activities, so here are some recommendations to help you stick to your goals.

At the BBQ:

-Plan for the barbecue or potluck by bringing lean meats, high protein, high fiber, low sugar items

-Avoid the burger and hotdog buns; double up on lean proteins like chicken, fish and bison with grilled vegetables

-Try dry rub ribs with bbq sauce on the side

-Avoid picking fatty meats like bratwurst or hotdogs

-Use your cooler to store lean cut meats, veggies and light yogurt

-Give leftovers to the guests

-Avoid potato chips and opt for vegetable chips or cut veggies

At Restaurants:

-Avoid the free breadsticks or bread basket

-Try to have an espresso and a 50-calorie lean protein snack or shake 10 minutes before going out to eat

-Order all dressings and sauces on the side; try to savor the flavor, not drench your food

-Choose grilled, steamed, or boiled dishes and salads instead of fried or roasted

-Share your appetizer/entrée when eating out

-Ask your waiter to pack half your order to go before it arrives

-Take a photo of each meal and snack and go over them weekly

At Home:

-Get enough sleep, eight hours a day is recommended

-Stay hydrated, aim for five glasses of water a day, start with one every morning and one before each meal

-Take a daily walk in your neighborhood

-Use only small plates and avoid getting the second serving

-Eat slowly and enjoy each bite; try to chew at least 10 times

-Limit watching TV unless you are exercising or doing stretches

-Avoid buying cereals, muffins, bagels, donuts, juices, sodas and Gatorade

-Have a two-drink maximum if you are planning on drinking one day a week

-Eat when hungry, not because you are in the kitchen or next to the food

-Avoid buying coffee and buy a coffee machine; you will save money

-Avoid creamers or sugar substitutes

-Try cold brew, french press, espresso and teas

-Celebrate the Fourth of July, not the fifth, sixth and seventh; try to be strict going in and out of splurge-worthy holidays!

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Dr. Kern Brar is a board-certified internal medicine physician and partner at Tri-City Primary Care. He lives in North County and has helped hundreds of patients lose weight with medically monitored weight loss and a natural approach to health. To learn more, call 760-940-7000.

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