Summer Family fun

Summer family fun

Happy 4th of July! Independence Day can be a time to be grateful and celebrate America’s birthday while reflecting on things we are proud of. Think about the things your family appreciates and values and have you done them yet this summer?

As the kids and parents get a quick break from the school year it’s time to reconnect and enjoy the time you have with your family. Maybe there are traditions in place or maybe it’s time to begin a new summer tradition. Summer can be a time to slow down and get to know your kids again.

Play on their level on the floor or take interest in what they are working on. Let them teach you something and be the expert. When you allow a little leadership and independence your kiddos’ confidence will grow immensely.

Here are a few summer bucket list ideas to get your family started:


Roast marshmallows

Go camping


Beach or lake Day

Outdoor movie

Pool Day

Plant flowers or a garden

Go to the zoo

Fly a kite

Have a picnic

Go for a hike

Visit a library

Play in sprinkler or splash pad

Go on a nature treasure hunt

Make popsicles

Build a fort

Watch fireworks

Go to the ice cream shop

Have a dance party

Make music

Visit a national park

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