In a world of anxiety, stay attuned

The messages we keep hearing: “Stay home,” “social distance,” “mask up,” “don’t see family,” “gather,” “don’t gather,” “double mask,” “get vaccinated,” “get boosted,” “get your kids vaccinated,” “trust the vaccine,” “don’t trust the vaccine,” “isolate,” “wash your hands,” “sanitize,” “only one parent allowed,” “send your kids to school,” “keep them home.” Is anyone else experiencing heightened confusion, fear, or anxiety?

Before COVID-19, we saw plenty of mood and anxiety disorders in our practices. As the pandemic has continued over the last few years everyone has had to make difficult choices from a handful of confusing and difficult messages. We are all continuing to adapt, get creative, learn new ways to function, and ultimately, simply do our best.

As you saw in our January piece on reflection, maybe you’ve seen yourself really grow through the pandemic. Maybe this has been incredibly tough on you and your family. Remember your fears are valid and they do protect you, but only to a certain extent.

Allow your fear to provide clarity on what your concerns are, validate that for yourself, and then ask yourself what you need as a result. Try not to stay stuck in the anxiety cycle or the negative thoughts. Spend some time with them, but don’t live there. Express yourself, get support, and move forward with what you need next. It’s ok, you’re ok, how you feel is ok, and what you need is exactly accurate to you and your situation.


In support of your fears and anxiety:

  1. Trust yourself
  2. Go with your gut
  3. Pause and meditate
  4. Journal
  5. Reflect and ask yourself what you need

These techniques build a greater sense of self-awareness and intuition.

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