Crossfit Counter Culture
Tony Hutchinson, second from left, is a CrossFit Counter Culture instructor in Encinitas. Courtesy photo

North County ups fitness game with CrossFit Counter Culture

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CrossFit Counter Culture is bringing CrossFit to North County with the intent of showing people a world of better fitness.

CrossFit is a physical exercise philosophy that incorporates elements such as high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics, and other exercises.  It was founded by Greg Glassman back in 2001 and has since been used by gym-goers for conditioning, improving health and weight loss in over 15,000 facilities worldwide.

Included in this gym is the “masters’ program,” which is for people 55+ years old, and is specifically designed for mobility, flexibility, joint strength, mechanics, nutrition, overall strength, and endurance. According to their website, the program’s goal is to provide “assistance and modifications to any movement or workout to help provide a safe and comfortable space for our older members.” The master’s membership costs $125 a month. Additionally, they offer yoga, nutrition courses, a kid’s program, personal training and more.

Tony Hutchinson, a CrossFit instructor, explains how he first discovered CrossFit, “I saw an Optometrist who was recovering from back surgery. He got into CrossFit and said it helped him a lot. He told about this event called “CrossFit Open” which starts the last week of February and goes through March. You get ranked worldwide based on your performance. I enrolled when I was 60 and ended 77th in the world for my age group.”

Tony said he has been fighting cancer since the first wave of Covid back in January of 2020. Between the chemo treatments and Covid, he was out of commission for a while, “I was going through chemotherapy treatments that were delayed because of Covid, so I restarted my fitness to get back into shape when I just turned 68 a couple weeks ago.” Since then, he’s been fighting to get back into shape. He knows that CrossFit can be intimidating to many and wants to ensure a safe atmosphere and coaching environment to get seniors more active, no matter what their starting point.

Gym client Ryan Alex comments on his first meeting with Tony, and the amount of dedication he had, “Most of the time I couldn’t keep up, it didn’t matter if it was strength or aerobic. It didn’t matter that I was decades younger. . . I couldn’t keep up with him.”

Zia Rohrbaugh, owner of the North County gym, comments, “I have made it my life goal to help people, and Tony is someone who has made me proud.  He is a true inspiration and living proof that staying active and healthy can save your life. For this reason, we put a lot of effort into helping everyone from our kids to our masters how important fitness is”

Sign up today at CrossFit Counterculture located at 318 N El Camino Real Ste B, Encinitas, CA 92024, or call them to book a class at (760) 815-8031.

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