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Intention Talk: Taking time for reflection in the New Year

As we say goodbye to 2021 and turn towards 2022, it is time for greater awakening and mindfulness. It has been an emotionally consumed year for many, and now is an important time to find a quiet space and dedicate a moment of intentional reflection.

The last two years have left us all feeling strangely different, yet we wonder how you might have made light of the circumstances. Have you been able to find passion, purpose, or creativity, get in touch with yourself, or strengthen the relationships in your life? Has this past year left you feeling drained or empowered, forgotten or seen, isolated or connected? Consider how you have had to grow? Did you have to make hard decisions, do things you didn’t expect, rise to the occasion?

In stopping and reflecting, we allow ourselves to pursue careful thought. By pausing, we can create greater awareness of our consciousness, allowing our brains to better understand and process the experiences we have had. An effective tool is using a journal, whether digital or handwritten. Allow your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to flow outwardly onto your paper. This is a time of cleansing and release.

As we look forward to this new year, let us all take a moment to harness what we’ve learned about ourselves. In grounding ourselves in these experiences, we learn important lessons and can build momentum towards new habits. When we establish clear and concise goals we allow for greater alignment with who we are, where we came from, and where we want to strive to go in 2022.


What are your intentions for the new year and how can you be purposeful in creating successful habits in fulfilling them?

Here are 6 INTENTION Setter Steps to help you get started:

  1. Reduce Meaningless Consumption… take the time to prioritize what matters to you and purge the rest. This might be your apps, your subscriptions, your closet, the news, relationships, habits, etc. Anything that feels toxic, creates negativity or takes you away from your purpose … release.
  2. Get Clear… on what is important. Start with a brain dump of all the things that come to mind and then circle the top 3 to prioritize where to start. Of those top 3, identify which is the most immediate priority at this moment.
  3. Get Concise and Pro-Active… write down what you will need to initiate your goal and how you will achieve it. For example, if your priority is eating cleaner, write down why this is important to you (i.e your value), then identify food items that fit your nutritional requirements, research and plan meals and then head to the grocery store.
  4. Schedule… a realistic start date for your goals. Put it on your calendar or in a planner, using different colors or images to identify the different goals.
  5. Supportive Relationships… Share your intentions and goals with others. Write down people who can help you to stay accountable. Start with potential friends, family members, and co-workers. Then consider community resources such as professional mentors, coaches, spiritual guides, etc. that can help you stay on course along the way.
  6. Sustain … Write down what you need to maintain your goals and keep them going for the timeline you want to achieve.

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