I am grateful
Love. Laugh. Joy.

Find gratitude this holiday season

This holiday season we hope you are able to pause and find gratefulness in the simple things. Look at your life and observe all of the things that you love. The people, places, experiences, and even your furry friends. Each day there are moments of love expressed through affection, understanding, or a shared experience.

Look for moments of humor and times where you have found a smile or laughter in difficult or frustrating situations. Sometimes humor is the only thing that makes sense when everything else seems to be challenging.

Look for moments of joy. Feeling the sunshine on your face, being warmed by your cup of coffee, an embrace from your child, a hand from your partner, or a moment of pause after finishing a project.

With love, laughter, and joy comes greater connection. The experience of connecting is to feel linked to someone or something else in life. Research has found that through deep and fulfilling connections we can move through our life with greater mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

This holiday season, you don’t have to look very far to find gratitude and you may be surprised by the goodness that exists.


Follow these intentional steps to create space in your life and a greater sense of connection:

  1. Pause, reflect and write down what you love, what makes you laugh, and what brings you joy.
  2. Schedule quality time to engage with those people and things.
  3. Acknowledge your time spent through words of affirmation.
  4. Spend time getting to know your neighbors or simply share a pleasantry with a stranger.
  5. Volunteer for an organization that connects with your values.

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