ElliptiGO: We know you’ve always wanted to try one

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These bikes have probably caught your eye cruising down Pacific Coast Highway. The riders are standing tall with no bike seat in sight. When they pedal, it looks more like running than biking. Most notably, they don’t look like they’re in the middle of a grueling workout. Instead, big smiles are seemingly plastered on their faces!

What are these unique fitness tools that turn heads up and down the coastline? They are ElliptiGO bikes, and they were invented right here in North County.

In their Solana Beach garage in 2005, co-founders Bryan Pate and Brent Teal started working on a way to let people experience the benefits of running outdoors without the impact. Five years later, ElliptiGO launched the world’s first elliptical bike – a new category in cycling and fitness. Since then, they’ve delivered nearly 40,000 ElliptiGO bikes to customers around the world and are beloved by celebrities, pro athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike.

What makes this local invention so highly sought after? It comes down to three key elements: fitness, friendship, and fun.

ElliptiGO bikes offer a workout experience that cannot be duplicated. Both the stand-up bikes and elliptical bikes offer full-body, weight-bearing, time-efficient, and low-impact exercise. Popular forms of fitness like running, cycling, gym cardio equipment, and studio fitness classes do not cover all these bases. Plus, you can enjoy the beauty of San Diego’s outdoor spaces while you get fit!  Are you in on the electric bike craze? ElliptiGO now offers an Electric Bike Conversion Kit to electrify your ride and customize the workout experience to fit your individual needs regardless of the terrain.

ElliptiGO bikes also come with a built-in group of friends. Their enthusiastic customers come together virtually and in person to cheer one another on towards their goals. They engage with one another and offer tips and encouragement through social media. The bikes have even inspired the creation of the Global ElliptiGO Riders Club, which hosts riding events and challenges throughout the year.

Most importantly, riding an ElliptiGO bike is just plain fun. Once you try one, you’ll understand the exhilarating and energizing experience of standing up and riding. Truly enjoying your workout will help you work harder, go farther and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Ready to give these hometown heroes a GO? To sign up for a FREE test ride, visit www.elliptigo.com/test-rides/ or scan the QR code.

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