Candace Bottomley, owner of Encinitas-based tanning studio Bronzed Bums. Courtesy photo
Candace Bottomley, owner of Encinitas-based tanning studio Bronzed Bums. Courtesy photo

Bronzed Bums: Local renaissance woman opens organic airbrush tanning studio

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Do you want to keep your skin looking healthy, youthful and radiant by avoiding unnecessary sun exposure?

“We offer a safer, natural way to tan with our all-organic, cruelty-free solution,” said Candice Bottomley, owner of Bronzed Bums in Encinitas.

She is a modern-day renaissance woman who has three kids, is a title rep for a real estate company and a notary, has a nonprofit in Mexico that builds homes for the poor, and has now opened up this organic airbrush tanning studio at the new Encinitas Wellness Center at 613 Westlake St. in Encinitas.

“I like to focus on women and making them feel confident and beautiful,” Bottomley said. “Working in real estate with predominantly men, I really wanted to do something that focused energetically on lifting other ladies up. I had started tanning myself and my friends a few years ago and it made me feel so much better about myself. I stumbled on an opportunity to rent a small space in the Encinitas Wellness Center last year and decided it was destiny.

Bronzed Bums

“It’s not easy, but I’ve always enjoyed hustling. I’m juggling kids and a nonprofit and a job in real estate and a new small business. I’m trying to have faith and do what I can day to day without being too overwhelmed. My real estate jobs got me through helping to provide for my family since 2001 when I was 21 years old but I have wanted to do something that flowed naturally.

“Here at Bronzed Bums we focus on making people feel sexy. We are 100% natural and organic. We offer a safe alternative to sun exposure and, believe me, you won’t miss the wrinkles!

“Our goal is to make everyone feel safe and at ease. Plus, we are FUN!!! This is a beauty service and we don’t take ourself too seriously. We want everyone to leave feeling a bit lighter and happier.

“Life is short and we believe love and connection are the best medicine. If you have love in your heart and enjoy a bronzed tan, you’ll be part of our family.

“It’s a quick service — you’re in and out in 20 minutes and hopefully feeling a bit more confident and sassy.

“We also offer champagne on request, ’cause you know champs makes everyone happy!”

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